Monday, October 12, 2009

TrekPay - Earn upto $200 a month for free

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TrekPay is a new addition to Paid To Click world. At TrekPay you are paid to view ads posted by marketers. Hmmm... What is unique here from other PTC's??

Well wait... TrekPay is not exactly a PTC nor a complete Paid To Read (PTR) site. This is kind of a revenue sharing web site. Here you are required to just browse through the list of ads posted in the site without any wait time to get credited. High credit ads are the ones where you are required to visit a sponsor's page and click on any one ad.

It works this way - Sponsors get their revenue from the ads you click -> TrekPay gets its revenue from Sponsors -> You get your money from TrekPay for visiting their sponsors.

TrekPay uses a credit system to pay its members. Each visit you make earns you between 1 to 3 credits which depends on the ad type. TrekPay runs payment process every week. Credits are converted to cash values based on these main factors:
  1. Your rank based on number of clicks you made in the week
  2. Your rank based on the number of referrals you have
  3. Your rank based on the number of clicks your referrals made
  4. Your rank based on the number of referrals added to TrekPay Advertising (A sister concern)
Users can request payout when the the payout limit of $5.5 is reached. Payment is currently available only with PayPal.

Site is in pre launch mode now and it has paid a lot of members already. Since its a revenue sharing site, users who are serious in earning must also concentrate on adding referrals apart from simply searching and browsing through the sponsor sites. That way you can earn up to $200 a month easily.

Caution: The site adds an icon to some of its ad pages (Very rare. I haven't come across one yet!) which is similar to this picture:

 You must at least skim through the ad page for a couple seconds to check for presence of this image. If the page has this image you must click on that picture to confirm your visit and to earn for the visit.

What's worse? If you miss to click on the icon then your account will be penalized with some negative points. Lots of negative points could lead to the termination of your account.

This is one of those high paying, no scam sites. Interested? Click here to join TrekPay for free!!!

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