Saturday, November 14, 2009

70Cents.Net - Earn $100 a month from $0.7

Bookmark and Share Tell a Friend is one among the many matrix programs launched this year. 70Cents is a very cheap multi-level matrix program + PTC. Here a first level matrix position costs you only $0.7 buying which will let you earn $0.1 each from unlimited number of referrals. It is free to join this site so that you can first try out with their PTC program, very low click rate though ($0.002 per click).

70Cents has been continually paying its members on time and had grown to have a member strength of 45600+ showing the trust the site had gained since its launch. It is reported that the site has already paid over $8500. The site has a very low cashout limit which is $1 and pays mostly within 24 hours of cashout request. Accepted payment processors include AlertPay, Liberty Reserves and through SMS. PayPal can be used only to make purchases of ads and upgrades as it is against the policies of PayPal to use it in Matrix programs.

How can you earn from the site?

  • Members can earn by referring new members. In order to earn from referrals, you must have purchased at least 1 level in the matrix program. This would cost you just $0.7, while allowing you to earn $0.1 per referral from unlimited number of referrals.
  • If you wish to increase your earnings you may choose to buy second level which would cost another $0.7. Now you will earn $0.1 per referral at your second level too. At 70Cents you may earn from up to 7 levels of referrals. Having such low purchase cost for levels and a clearly low cashout of $1, it should be a piece of cake to build a large and strong referral base with the site.
  • Click and earn - The site also has a paid to click program where you could earn some more by clicking on ads. However the click rate is very low - $0.002, that you could not make substantial earning from clicking ads alone. Site usually serves about 6 ads a day for standard members.
How does the site pay us?

  • Whenever a referral purchases the first level the 70 cents spent by that member is paid to his/her upline.
  • Each upline for that referral receives $0.1 depending on their allowed referral levels.
  • 70Cents pays all eligible upline members the same $0.1 regardless of the referral's level under them. i.e. you are paid $0.1 regardless of whether your referral is your direct referral (1st level) or a 7th level referral. is legit site. There is no report of scam about this site. So join for free now and try it out !


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